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Samsung screen repair company in London, UK, you looked for your Samsung S4 screen replacement & galaxy S6 edge screen repair


If you are pissed off with the Samsung broken screen and really unsure about the most appropriate Samsung screen repair company in London, UK, then it’s time to visit drgadgets.co.uk. Say bye bye to all your worries regarding all your Samsung smashed screen repair issues. Introducing you to the drgadgets, the UK’s prominent and top Samsung screen repair company holding unbeatable repair services for samsung galaxy s4 screen repair, samsung galaxy s5 screen repair, samsung galaxy s6 screen repair, Samsung s4 screen replacement, note3 screen replacement, Samsung galaxy note 2 screen repair & replacement, galaxy S6 edge screen repair, Samsung s7 edge screen repair, Samsung galaxy s7 screen repair and much more.


samsung phone repair london uk


What is the Samsung S7 edge screen replacement cost at drgadgets.co.uk

Shattering and cracking of Samsung screen can crush your confidence in a fraction of a second. Normally it was viewed that since Samsung S7 edge screen was made up of Gorilla glass, need for Samsung galaxy s7 edge screen repair would be near to minimum. This was particularly assumed since Corning Gorilla Glass 4 was deliberately designed in a special way to address breakage. It was assumed that chances for Samsung S7 edge screen repair would be reduced as Corning Gorilla Glass was enriched to withstand damage, thereby resulting in improved performance. But despite asphalt and contact (constant) damage testing, the product still results in crashed screens.


Samsung charges approximately £ 208 for Samsung galaxy s7 screen replacement. Paying a handsome chunk of money firstly to buy S7 and then paying additional £ 208 for Samsung galaxy s7 screen repair is definitely heavy on pockets. The most suitable remedy for this nerve-wracking condition is getting all work of Samsung galaxy s7 edge screen repair done by drgadgets.co.uk, A perfect seamless Samsung galaxy s7 screen replacement is carried out in a fully functional laboratory of drgadgets.co.uk restoring the Smart phone in original condition. Samsung S7 edge screen replacement cost is just £ 159.99 at drgadgets.co.uk.

Carrying out galaxy S6 screen replacement & galaxy S6 edge screen repair

Samsung Galaxy edge is a curved version of galaxy s6. The smart phone arches downwards on both sides as opposed to majority flat screened smart phones. It was just a part of designing with no particular science involved. Although both these flagship models are installed with Corning Gorilla Glass4 yet they are not immune to galaxy S6 screen replacement and galaxy S6 edge screen repair. S6 edge was rated at medium risk of breakability when undergone Square Trade’s bend-ability test.

What is Samsung S6 edge screen replacement cost at drgadgets.co.uk

Samsung S6 edge screen replacement cost with drgadgets.co.uk is light in your pockets charging £199.99 covered with 12 months warranty. Dealing with Samsung screen repair centre not only stretches the cost upto £260 but also it is not protected with any sort of warranty. Besides this, you will be delighted to see most economical rates pertaining to galaxy s6 edge screen repair, Samsung galaxy s4 screen replacement, Samsung galaxy note 2 screen repair & replacement, and note 3 screen replacement at drgadgets.co.uk.

samsung galaxy s4 screen replacement london uk

Save S5 screen replacement and Samsung galaxy S5 screen repair cost with drgadgets

With major internal modifications, S5 was entirely reengineered to sustain cracking. In addition to IP rating of 67, S5 was designed to make convenient screen replacements. However, it is strongly advised not to carry out S5 screen replacement by yourself, since slight mishandling may puncture the battery. Outsourcing S5 screen replacement with drgadgets sufficiently save you Samsung galaxy S5 screen replacement or repair cost with an utmost fineness Samsung screen repair work. The same mastery of work can be observed in galaxy s6 edge screen repair and Samsung s6 screen replacement.

How can you avoid Samsung S4 screen replacement

Prevention is always better than cure. Getting your Samsung S4 protected with a decent quality glass p

rotector can save you from Samsung galaxy S4 screen replacement hassle. But what if you don’t like an additional layer? Or if you forgot to place it timely? Well, every problem has a cure and Samsung s4screen replacement issue is well cured at drgadgets.

Flawless Samsung S4 lcd replacement at drgadgets.co.uk

Be it a unified and seamless Samsung S4 lcd replacement or galaxy S6 edge screen repair you can get the issue resolved within 24-48 hours. The highly professional experts at drgadgets are well versed with the latest techniques required to reinstate Samsung smart phones in operational condition. High precision is utterly required for separating LCD/digitizer from the glass while carrying out Samsung S4 screen replacement. A minute of mishandling may spoil the situation. But when you deliver your smart phone for Samsung S4 screen replacement to drgadgets you are in professional hands. The well equipped and knowledgeable engineers perform Samsung S4 screen replacement by swapping high quality genuine screen with the affected one.


Normally need for Samsung S4 screen replacement originate when you find dead or black screen, a broken glass or loss of touch screen. However, you might fail to pinpoint the exact trouble causing the issue. Therefore it is strongly recommended to get a complete check up of your phone done by the diagnostic lab of drgadgets. The lab is a hub of highly sophisticated tools that greatly help in revealing the root cause and rightly addressing broken Samsung screen repair.

How much it cost for galaxy S4 lcd replacement

You will be paying a mere sum of £69.99 for galaxy S4 lcd replacement at drgadgets.co.ukThe given fee includes free postage labels for both ways. For a quick Samsung S4 screen replacement, you may choose the option of Next Day Return against the payment of additional charges. All posting and delivery procedure is carried out via Royal Mail.

Other Samsung galaxy S4 repair issues

Besides Samsung S4 screen replacement you can get a quick fix for any issue pertaining to Samsung galaxy S4 repair including

  • Charging Port Repair
  • Battery Repair
  • Front Camera Repair
  • Home Button Repair
  • Power Button Repair
  • Headphone Repair
  • Earpiece Repair
  • Loudspeaker Repair
  • Microphone Repair
  • Mute Button Repair
  • Rear Cover Repair
  • Software Repair
  • Sim Fault Repair
  • Liquid Damage Service
  • Front Glass Repair
  • Touch Screen Repair
  • Antenna Repair
  • Vibration Repair
  • Volume Repair
  • Rear Camera Repair

The above mentioned repairs are also available for the Samsung S6 edge in addition to galaxy s6 edge screen repair.

Choosing the best Samsung S3 mini screen replacement & Samsung S4 mini screen Repair Company

Picking Samsung S3 mini and S4 mini clearly depicts the saving of few bucks at user ends. Although few features are definitely compromised against reduced payment but thrifty users enjoy holding Samsung. An accidental dropping of S3 or S4 may result in broken screen however additional expenditure of Samsung S3 mini screen replacement or Samsung S4 mini screen repair is sufficiently stressing.

Mobilerepairs4u is in action to de-stress you by offering exceptionally economical Samsung screen repair coupled with promising features.


samsung s3 mini screen replacement london uk


Avail the best Samsung galaxy S3 lcd screen replacement, and galaxy S3 glass replacement under one roof

Mobilerepairs4u has a huge annual turnaround for Samsung screen repair. Every year around 1000 phones are fixed in highly equipped laboratory of drgadgets.If you are tensed with sudden shattering of S3 screen or looking for galaxy S3 glass replacement, drgadgets is the sole solution to all these issues. Be it a software malfunctioning, hardware damage, infected OS, application installation or just galaxy S3 lcd screen replacement, expert engineers at mobile repairs can fix everything. The cordial staffs dedicatedly work to deliver fully functional phone well in time.

The best galaxy S2 screen replacement

The hi-end sophisticated smart phones from Samsung need a fine hand primarily for Samsung phone repair. Be it a galaxy S2 screen replacement or Samsung S4 screen replacement amateur hands can trigger additional issues with the basic one. Visiting drgadgets promptly is the most sceptical decision a smart user can take. You will be following a couple of pretty easy steps for achieving swift Samsung S4 screen replacement.

  • Take a deep breath and compose yourself
  • Figure out how quick you want your phone back
  • For urgent repair, you will need express repairs. The procedure is really simple, you will just book an appointment and will get your fixed Samsung phone back within the same appointment. However, you have to wait for a certain time till repairs are completed.
  • If you are stationed nearby London and you want same day repair, you should probably pick walk in repairs.
  • For people living in the distant area trying to choose a pocket friendly solution, should pick Mail in repairs where you can have your repaired Samsung phone back after maximum 48 hours.
  • Simply book your deal, a charge free postage label will be emailed to you
  • Dispatch it to us, for next day return pay an additional fee
  • Get your phone back after a quick fix and return
Things to remember

When dealing with Samsung galaxy S4 screen replacement or any other issue you need to remember few things while dealing with drgadgets

  • The repair centre is approved by iTechniciansTM so quality is surely guaranteed at this platform
  • 12 months post repair warranty period is although offered, yet the customers should carefully read, understand and comply with complete terms and conditions to know the extent of warranty cover
  • No fix no fee policy is the striking highlight of drgadgets, meaning that in the case of technicians at drgadgets remain unsuccessful in fixing the device the whole amount will be refunded.
  • Although quotes and estimations for Samsung galaxy S4 screen replacement and all other repair issues are clearly mentioned on the website www.doctorgadgets.co.uk.uk, yet if you need further assistance feel free to contact customer care department via call or email.
  • Besides repair issues, you can also browse for other Smart phone accessories, refurbished devices, and casings at drgadgets.co.uk

Wait! Before leaving this page don’t forget to have a bird’s eye view on customer’s testimonials showcasing the excellence of repair services. It is worth mentioning here that a major portion of our clients come as a result of referral from our highly valued and prestigious user base. The company has sustained prominence for last whole decade due to unmatched and gratifying services.