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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us you do not have to worry when you give your personal details to us. doctorgadgets.co.uk is the site where you and your privacy matters a lot. Confidentiality is our specialty. At drgadgets.co.uk, you will have to provide us with some personal details while placing your order, and we are committed to protecting your privacy and using your information responsibly. The following statement is about how information that you provide will be treated.

Information that we may ask from you includes: personal details, payment methods, contact details, an IP address, the reason you are using our website, and your preferences.    

Possible ways we will use your private information: 

  • It is used for registration on our website.
  • All necessary details will be used to process your order.
  • We can use the information to send you updates about your order.
  • It may be used in giving you after sale service, and you will be contacted through the information you provide.
  • You may be contacted through the use of information that you have provided to give us feedback about the service we offered to you. Cookies can be used in order to store personal details on the computer system. This helps us enhance your experience in the future when you want to use our website again.

Disclosure for the information that you provide to us

The information you provide to us at drgadgets.co.uk may be shared with another company that is involved in delivering the service. However, we are not responsible for how such third parties will use this information.  

Liabilities of our clients  

The registered users will receive a password, an identification code and more information about their accounts. These are parts of the security procedures on our website. This information has to be treated as confidential information and you are not allowed to share it with any other person. We do not take any responsibility for any damage that may occur because you shared your password.

Change in Privacy Policy

There may be changes in the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions and they will be posted at our website, we make sure that our regular customers will get the updates on any change that takes place in the Privacy Policy.

The access to the drgadgets.co.uk is given to the customers temporally.  We have the rights to change or to do any amendment to the services we are offering without communicating to the customers before.  doctorgadgets.co.uk is accountable for everything if the website is not running at a certain time when you need it. We also have the right to stop the access to our websites of all or some parts of the websites from the registered users for different reasons.

Intellectual property Rights for drgadgets.co.uk

We have been licensed to carry out the operation in the UK and we are the owner of some intellectual property rights found on our website and also for the materials that are published under drgadgets.co.uk.  An entire published material is under the protection of the copyright’s law. This is why we also reserve such rights.

Concern about other websites 

The Privacy Policy that has been listed at drgadgets.co.uk is only about the matters that relate to our website. If there is any reason you are taken to another website while visiting our website using the links, they will also have their own privacy policy.  Our privacy policy will not apply to the use of other websites and also their privacy policy will not apply to us.

If you have any comment, query or questions related to how drgadgets.co.uk uses your personal details, and then you should contact us through our email or Phone.