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Posted on, 21 Oct 2016 12:52:43pm at 12:52:43pm by admin

iPhone “Touch Disease” – Getting to know the problem!

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus had been diagnosed with the “Touch Disease”. Though not many people experience this alleged disease in iPhones, still many people were interesting in knowing more about the not so famous “Touch Disease”.

Touch disease is the term that is used for smartphones whose touch screen becomes unresponsive. For instance, you will find it hard to open any application with subtle touch. In fact, in worst scenarios, the touch screen becomes totally naïve of any response to touch leaving your phone inoperative.

Though it is a curable disease and there are many mobile repair shops offering quick iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus touch screen repairs and replacements, still the issue in itself is a shame for company that prides itself on quality and high standards. In the past, the issue has been raised before the company for many times, however, for some sham reasons the company negate to acknowledge the problem and persist with its own version of “No issues reported”. In fact, there has been a class-action law suit filed against the company for “Touch disease”, still the company preferred to hide itself from public acknowledgement of the fault.

The problem hadn’t only been experienced by few people, rather an overwhelming 11% of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus repairs at APPLE stores accounted for this single disease. The numbers might be still be in lower cadre as we expect many people getting their iPhone screen repair and replaced by local cell phone repair shops. The sheer frequency of disease is much higher than many other types of iPhone repairs including cracked screens.

How would I know if my iPhone 6 has this problem?

Though the disease will become obvious as it grows, still the initial symptoms for Touch Disease include appearance of a “Gray Bar” right across the screen. With the passage of time you will note that your iPhone screen is becoming more and more unresponsive towards touch and you have to apply more force to make it work. According to some tech savvy gurus and experts the problem might initiate because of some malfunctioning in logic board. Some of the common reasons behind malfunctioning of iPhone logic board include dropping, bent, or frequent in and out of pocket (this one might seem too absurd)
Though the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus screen repair and replacement is a tough ask and technically more difficult than some of the other iPhone screen repairs, expert technicians at drgadgets have mastered this art. Thanks to some of the highly trained and rigorously experienced technicians, you can expect the most reliable and persistent iPhone screen repair services for Touch Disease with Mobilerepairs4u. You can contact our customer service representative today and book your next appointment now!

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